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Don't just patch it, fix it once and for all.

The ONLY way to fix election reform and make a government that is honest and fair; is to have equal access to voters for all candidates and easy equal access to become a candidate. That would mean outlawing ALL campaigning except in an equal access format such as a printed newspaper with equal word counts and equal TV and Radio time allotments. All this should be funded from the public coffers and NOWHERE else.

This NOWHERE else is an essential requirement for fair elections, anything short of that is SHORT OF THAT and short of fair elections. Do we want "more fair" elections or do we want fair elections period? Quit playing political games and fix it once and for all. Otherwise all you are doing is changing where the loop holes are.


Submitted by cmichaelcouch 5 years ago

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  1. A certain amount of free tv/radio broadcast time should be available to all competitive candidates as an condition of the stations' access to the public airways.

    5 years ago

    5 years ago
  3. cmichaelcouch Idea Submitter

    I didn't say the government had to own the newspaper, TV and radio stations. Just that any advertising outside the equal access arena would be forbidden. 100% coverage of the voters for every candidate would be insured. If they can't do this public service, they've got no right to access the pu8blic airwaves themselves. The burden should be born equally among the service providers however.

    Or, we could issue vouchers for advertising in X dollar amount sufficient to reach 100% of the people and allow each candidate to spend those vouchers however they wish. Then any ad appearing without a voucher receipt would constitute an election violation and disqualify the candidate. If someone runs and ad unauthorized by the candidate, or fails to run an authorized ad, it could be an election crime.

    5 years ago

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