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Easy and Clean

It's fairly easy for the common man/woman to understand that big money cannot help a candidate stay clean when it comes to elections. Obama proved that small donors can create a great momentum in a campaign. That's what clean elections will do for NYS. The people will participate at the grassroots level. This will open politics to the candidates with ideas and dreams that would have never considered political office because of the incredible financial burden.

The public option will save New Yorkers money by allowing politicians to follow their constituents needs and not the needs of their large contributors. No longer will a contractor who is also a big contributor get the overinflated contract. This act, in and of itself, can change the very essence of life in NYS. Don't let this opportunity pass us by. Many other states have a public finance. The time is now to change the way we do business in NYS politics.


Submitted by alloyd2 5 years ago

Comments (2)

  1. This sounds good ideologically, but provides absolutely NO ideas on campaign finance. Is the author recommending public finance? Are they recommending caps on donations? Grassroots financing of campaigns can be impressive if the candidate has the notoriety of a Barack Obama, but it is hardly a system that encourages unknowns to run for elected office.

    5 years ago
  2. The principles here are sound - as is just about everything else on this site thus far - but citing Obama is quite off-target as the prior commenter noted. Obama did NOT go with public financing and the clean money bills I and others support do not include an Obama-type fund-raising other than to generate the qualifying number of donors and total funds. After the threshold is reached, it stops.

    5 years ago

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