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Full public funding the only way to go

In my humble opinion, Any type of public funding (PF) option, if it is to both work and restore public confidence in NYS government, should be a full PF option (it’s unconstitutional for it to not be an option). It must allow a candidate to opt out of the need to dial for dollars (except when earning the support to become a public funding candidate). A matching funds system is throwing good money after bad. I understand that the matching fund system in NYC doesn’t eliminate private money. In fact, 2/3 is still private, and 6% of the donors give 40% of the money raised by candidates.

As long as candidates are calling big donors for donations, regardless of how low the threshold is adjusted (IE:$1000 a person), it can have the illusion (if not a reality) of not only the status quo, but welfare for those already entrenched, making it more likely that incumbents will win. The view of educated New Yorkers, of which there are many, will be cynical (see ”bundling”). I certainly don’t want my hard-earned money paying for this.

Also, to truly level the playing field and overcome the “wealth primary” factor, the amount of public funding must be sufficient so that PF candidates who may be the most qualified, have the best ideas, or have ALL of the people’s interests at heart, have an equal chance against those who are the richest or most well connected.

It’s time to give megaphones to ALL the people of New York, not just the ones who can pay for the loudest ones. I’d gladly give my donation to support such a system.


Submitted by nycceguy 5 years ago

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