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We need public financing for true democracy

How are we supposed to have a representative government when money equals influence. Most of those in power are only accountable to large corporations and lobbyists not the average citizen. By passing a public financing bill we can allow those that more closely represent us and our neighbors to run for office and win. Then our voices will be heard and government will be acting in our best interest. Then we will have a representative government.


Submitted by christopherrodneyscoville 5 years ago

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  1. We need "Clean Elections Financing" to make elected officials responsive to the voters of this state. Elections need to be decided on the qualifications of the candidate not on the number of ads and the money spent on the campaign.

    5 years ago
  2. pj:

    You say "Clean Elections Financing", but what does that mean? How do you force candidates to run "clean elections" and what would you define as a "clean election?"

    Please be more specific about your ideas. If you leave it up to the politicians to define what "clean" means, they give you just the opposite of it.

    5 years ago

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